For companies looking to better leverage technology with their business goals, CTSL provides consulting, operations and management services to help them determine viable strategies specifically tailored to their industry and their business environment.

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A Loyal and Dedicated Partner

We all know that people are the foundation of any great organization. You wouldn’t be where you are today without committed employees and loyal customers. How can you support your staff, retain customers, increase revenue, grow market share, and remain flexible in a changing corporate landscape? Responsive, secure, and advanced IT infrastructure is the best investment you can make – now and for the future.

Keeping up with technological advancements can be overwhelming, and you can’t be an expert in everything. You need reliable and trustworthy IT advice, planning, and management services you and your people can depend on. We specialize in:

• Custom IT solutions that build on your current business and IT infrastructure
• High-level security structures that protect you and your customers
• User-focused tools and training that make implementing new systems easy
• Long-term management of IT systems and infrastructure for clients

Major Capital Projects

CTSL has successfully delivered a number of Major Capital Projects for our clients over the years in the following areas:

Device Refresh

Hardware Refresh of Three Hundred (300) IBM ThinkPad T20 laptops to IBM ThinkPad T40 Laptops.
CTSL undertook a project for BP Trinidad & Tobago LLC (bpTT) to Refresh Two Hundred and Ninety (290) laptop computers throughout the organization within sixteen working days. Prior to the start date we were able to unpack, prep with the BP COE Standard Build, and repackage the three hundred (300) new laptops in two afternoons utilizing three (3) resources. The project team of six (6) persons was successfully able to complete migrations for two hundred and forty six (246) users within the given timeframe. Of the remaining forty four (44) laptop computers eighteen (18) were unavailable for the refresh and the remainder could not be contacted during the timeframe of the project. Remaining migrations were handed over to CTSL’s Desktop Support team within bpTT to handle as part of normal operations.

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Building Moves

Complete Buiding Moves for our Corporate Clients
CTSL has successfully delivered complete IT infrastructure moves for both bpTT and CLICO / COLFIRE. These moves consisted of the following:
  • IT / Telco Equipment Disconnection
  • Bagging and Tagging New Location
  • Transport
  • Re-installation and Re-Connection
  • Network Re-mapping / Data / Printer Connections
The following Building moves were also successfully delivered :
  • Amoco – TATIL Building to Queens Park Plaza ( 400 users )
  • BpTT - QPP to Unit Trust Building ( 200 Users )
  • BpTT – Galeota Admin Building to Ithmus Court ( 600 users )
  • BpTT – Isthmus Court to Beachfiled Complex ( 100 users )
  • CLICO – Various Inter- office Moves
  • COLFIRE – Data Centre and Inter Office Moves

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BPTT PassPort Project

CTSL began a project to migrate all the clients Windows 2000 (COE Build – “Common Operating Environment”) to Windows XP (BP PassPort Build) globally. With an estimated client (seat) count of thirteen hundred (1300)

To deliver on this request CTSL formed a local project team which eventually grew to include a total of twenty (20) highly dedicated members. This team was responsible for the following aspects of the BP PassPort Project for all bpTT location (Port of Spain, Galeota Point, Beachfield & Offshore Installations) :

  • Procurement of new computers and related IT hardware
  • Prepping New Devices and HDDs with the BP PassPort Build
  • Data Migrations/Hardware Refreshes
  • End-User Training
  • Bubble Support - Three (3) days support after migration
CTSL completed seventy two (72) Early Adopter migrations prior to the official project start date of November 1st 2004, the team also produced a fix that allow Maximo 3.0.2 to operate within the BP PassPort environment a task which was viewed as impossible within the BP world up to that point. With the FIRST leg of the project focused in Port of Spain, the target of three hundred and fifty (350) migrations was achieved . The next leg of the project came to a close in terms of migrations after having achieved a total of 413 migrations. This placed bpTT as the leading Latin American site for BP PassPort deployments, and also the site with the most extensive experience and knowledge of the migration process within the region. In the Latin American region bpTT was the only site to achieve and surpass their expected targets. By the official cut date for migrations CTSL has accomplished an overall total of one thousand three hundred and fourteen (1314) migrations.

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bpTT Refurbishment Program

CTSL launched the purchasing of “Out of Warranty PCs” for bpTT Staff Members

CTSL launched the purchasing of “Out of warranty PCs” for bpTT staff members. The main project scope was the refurbishment of three hundred and twenty (320) machines to be sold within a three (3) month timeframe, as well as to remove the perception of biasness in the distribution of the equipment. A team of five (5) highly experienced and dedicated personnel were formed to participate in this project. The initial goal was to provide an assessment of the machines in question, and provide an estimate as to the number of machines that would be viable for re-distribution. This figure was a requirement to determine the selling price per machine; which was to be decided by the customer. The team had to work with several project limitations in the delivery of this activity.

  • Firstly all of the machines that were available for use in this project were limited to those PC that had experienced a hardware malfunction and were out of warranty. Machines that were still functional and out of warranty were outside of the scope of this project. This required in-depth testing and repairs from our team of support engineers.
  • Secondly no replacement parts was purchased or made available for these PCs. All parts had to be salvaged from other machines that were not viable for redistribution.

With a revised target of forty (40) machines to be distributed by the first week of December, 2007 the team evaluated one hundred and ten (110) machines to prepare the initial forty (40) machines with an additional five (5) machines determined fully functional.

A specially designed auction website was also created which allowed for machines to be purchased on a first come first serve basis, thereby ensuring transparency within the process. At the end of the project , CTSL successfully completed ith a total of One Hundred and Fifty Six (156) machines being re-distributed to staff members.

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Relocation of COLFIRE Data Center

CTSL effectively relocated three (3) 42U rack cabinets of equipment

CTSL was contracted to relocate three (3) 42U rack cabinets of equipment (Servers, Switches, from their office at the corner of Duke & Abercromby Streets, Port of Spain to 6163 Edward Street, Port of Spain. We were responsible for the following activities :

  • Label all equipment identified in the three (3) server rack cabinets to be relocated.
  • Remove all equipment identified from the three (3) server rack cabinets.
  • Provide transportation for all the equipment from the old office to the new location.
  • Install all equipment into new rack cabinets at Edward Street (maintaining original placements where possible).
  • Cabling and Cable Management for all the equipment installed into the new rack cabinets.
  • Onsite technical support for the startup of the equipment relocated.

This project was successfully delivered with no damages or reconnection problems to the equipment relocated, Colfire representative were very pleased with the job preformed and we received an excellent feedback survey report. We have since continued to support them in selective IT initiatives.

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bpTT PC Refresh Project

CTSL deployed 180 Computers (160 Laptops & 20 Desktops) within 22 days for bpTT users

CTSL was contracted by bpTT to deploy the 180 computers (160 Laptops & 20 Desktops) within 22 days for bpTT users as part of a BP Global Refresh Project. Despite a number of circumstances which arose with the pool of users and the criterion for refresh.

One Hundred & Eighty (180) computers were successfully deployed. During this period we had twenty one (21) official deployment days (i.e. with the full team present) and six (6) days with reduced team members as a result of an insufficient pool of users to refresh and other challenges on the bpTT side.

CTSL coordinated the logistics and deployed 43 Desktop computers across five (5) of the bpTT Offshore Installation with a team of two (2) resources.

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Disposal Services for Old ICT Assets

CTSL has partnered with a local disposal company to provide disposal services for computer equipment

As you may be aware, PC boards and CRT Monitors do pose an environment risk during the disposal process. The equipment is stored temporarily, bulked together and then shipped to a recycling plant in the United States of America.

CTSL will manage the entire disposal process, from logging and manifesting, evaluating competitive disposal proposals from other 3rd Party Vendors, and reporting on the entire disposal process.

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FLOWCAL Integration – British Gas ( BGTT )

CTSL was contracted to design and install Gas Metering Systems for BGTT

CTSL was contracted to design and install Gas Metering Systems for BGTT at both their Beachfield Terminal Location and it TMS Moruga Field Location.

FLOWCAL provides the most robust selection of validation parameters for Gas Metering Systems. . Each meter contains over 150 configurable set-points designed to identify abnormal or erroneous data for Historians . These routines utilize several techniques including statistical models (based upon a meter's history), comparisons to minimum and maximum set-points, as well as comparisons to the data of associated meters. Gas Metering Systems provide the following features :

  • Easily Identify Suspect Data and Flow Anomalies
  • Manage Gas Quality Analysis and GQ Source in Flowcal
  • Automated Report Scheduling

Reports generated by this system is used to provide statistical data to the Ministry of Energy and also used to provide quality and quantity data for Gas Sales.

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University of Trinidad and Tobago ( UTT )

New Corinth Campus Infrastructure Wiring

CTSL was contracted to supply and install over 500 CAT6 drops, combined with over 100 fiber splices. This project included the following sevices :

  • Outdoor Fiber Installation
  • Indoor Fiber Installation
  • Fusion & Mechanical Spicing
  • Fiber Testing & Certification
  • CAT6 Installation & Certification
  • Equipment Installation

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